Our Vision

To enable the litchi industry to be a supplier of top quality litchis to discerning international and local markets on a  profitable basis.

Our mission

  • Create production efficiency with an increase in demand under sustainable conditions
  • Drive access to new markets
  • Identify market opportunities
  • Promote best practices in production to the benefit of the growers and the industry as a whole.


The litchi industry is the smallest of the three members of the Subtropical Growers’ Association (Subtrop). Despite its size, SALGA has a proud history of research.    As a result a solid base of production and post-harvest is documented in the SALGA yearbooks. SALGA aims to use its limited resources to do things that individual growers cannot do on their own. Such activities include production and post-harvest research; study groups, liaison with government and other bodies; and work to access new markets such as the USA.

South Africa annually produces approximately 2million 2kg cartons of litchis per season, while 2500 tons of fruit are sent to the local markets and approximately 1600 tons of fruit are sent to juicing facilities.